Allrecipes Allstars

Do you love If so, have you heard of the Allrecipes Allstars program?

An Allrecipes Allstar loves to tell everyone about They are always cooking, rating and reviewing recipes, posting photos, and sharing it with everyone on The Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, and in their blogs.

What does an Allrecipes Allstar do? They engage with the world’s #1 food site by simply doing what they already love to do. Allrecipes Allstars get sneak peeks at Allrecipes’ newest features, promotions, and products. They turn on their megaphone and tell Allrecipes what they think. They partner with other brands to try new products and recipes from sponsors like Pillsbury, Nestle, and Campbell’s. And of course, Allrecipes Allstars are a part of a team! They engage with other Allstars from around the country who are just as passionate and excited about stirring it up in the kitchen as they are!

What does an Allrecipes Allstar get? They start off with a FREE six-month supporting membership allowing them to use all of the extra features on Don’t forget about the swag either. Allrecipes Allstars get prizes and promotional items from Allrecipes and our brand partners.

Does this sound like something you would love to be a part of? Great! Learn more by clicking here. All set to become an Allrecipes Allstar? Click here to apply.

This is a great program designed by for home cooks like you! But don’t take it from us, hear what our current Allrecipes Allstars have to say:

"Being a part of Allrecipes just keeps getting better and better—and being part of the first group of Allstars is just another example! Not only have I tried recipes I probably wouldn't have tried, but got to "meet" some great people. It's been a lot of fun! Having a chance to win a monthly prize isn't bad either—LOL!"
Jillian from the East Region

"Love being an Allrecipes Allstar! I've learned so many new things about this site. The various activities each month have pushed me to try new things and I love it. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful group! Thanks AR! :)"
K-Dub from the West Region

"My time as an Allstar has been a blast. One of the best parts has been connecting with the other Allstars across the country. I'm so inspired by their amazing photos and insights. I've enjoyed the opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts about the Allrecipes site with their fantastic team. Thanks AR!!!"
Valerie’s Kitchen from the West Region

"I absolutely love being an Allstar!! I've been able to try so many new recipes and have had a blast! Plus I have had the great fortune to talk to some of the warmest and funniest people from my region...we're like a family! I can't wait to see what's in store for us in September!"
MrsAltmiller from the West Region

"I LOVE being an Allrecipes Allstar! It really gives me a chance to try new things and be a part of an AMAZING website, doing what I already love to do! I was truly honored to be asked to be in the first group of Allstars, and I am really having a great time! THANK YOU, ALLRECIPES!!!!! :)"
Christina from the Midwest Region


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