Monday, February 11, 2013

British and Irish Cooks Flip for Pancakes

 Americans have Mardi Gras revelers flinging feathers and beads. But the British and Irish have Pancake Day—and it’s also about making merry by flipping and tossing and eating. Both are celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, the final day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. Eating pancakes in the UK and Ireland on Shrove Tuesday dates to the 15th century, and was a traditional way to use up any remaining milk, butter and eggs, all forbidden during Lent’s lean, somber days.

For their Shrove Tuesday pancake feast, British and Irish cooks go all out, making it one of the biggest traffic days for uk,’s sister site for home cooks in the United Kingdom and Ireland. is one of Allrecipes’ 18 web and mobile sites serving home cooks in 23 countries in 12 languages. Since its launch in 2008, the site has grown to be the #2 food site in the UK and Ireland.

You’ll find dozens of easy recipes in this pancake collection. Treat yourself and your family to traditional pancakes with sugar and lemon, savory pancakes for a hearty main course, American-style pancakes, pancake mix, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and even Traditional Scotch Pancakes. You may even watch a video to learn how to make perfect pancakes.

Traditional Pancakes for Pancake Tuesday (Photo by Allrecipes)

Seafood and Chive Pancakes (Photo by Norma MacMillan)

Here’s to celebrating Pancake Day around the world on February 12th! What pancake recipe is your favorite? 

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