Monday, December 3, 2012

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What happened in kitchens and on dinner tables the week after Thanksgiving? You guessed it! Leftovers ruled! From casseroles to soup, to turkey in a savory cream sauce with or without pasta, recipes using chopped, cooked turkey were super popular among Allrecipes’ home cooks. Turkey is the bird that keeps on giving, making it a big hit in new recipes, along with tried-and-true, family-pleasing familiars. Here’s last week’s recap.

The #1 new recipe last week was Reinvented Turkey Leftovers Soup. (Got a camera or smartphone? Prepare the recipe and be first to take a photo of this sensational new soup. Upload the image to the recipe by December 10, and I’ll mention your name in my next blog post. Woohoo!)

  • Turkey Tetrazzini II received the largest increase in page views last week (My mom makes this classic and I love it!)

A hearty helping of Turkey Tetrazzini (Photo by Pam-3BoysMama)

Turkey a la King (Photo by naples34102)

Leftover turkey also drove searches to Runners-up for search terms driving traffic to the site included turkey pot pie, turkey tetrazzini, and turkey casserole.

No surprise, the fastest-growing internal search terms week-over-week continued the leftover theme: turkey pot pie, turkey tetrazzini, turkey casserole, and turkey leftovers.

When I reviewed the top Thanksgiving videos, flying high as the top new video was Easy Pie Crust. I know pie crust is a challenge for almost every cook, but this video brings it down to earth. This rank is based on the video having the most page views per day the week after it went live.

One Easy Pie Crust ready for filling! (Photo by Jessica B)

Turkey pulled in viewers for the other top Thanksgiving videos including:

The bird bathing in Out of This World Turkey Brine (Photo by Lucky Noodles NOT)
  • How To Prep and Roast Turkey, ranked first for page views, excluding all featured content (this metric excludes video detail page views generated by newsletter features, primary navigation features, and/or video homepage features)
Now, my big question: What are YOU having for dinner tonight?!

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