Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I like to think that every Thanksgiving could be the best one ever. This month, as part of the Allrecipes AllStar Program, sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens and Campbell's, we are creating Pinterest boards called Best Thanksgiving Ever. I would be delighted if should you decide to follow this particular board! There you will find pins for food and decorating ideas pertaining to the Thanksgiving holiday.

 Nanny in her kitchen on Thanksgiving Day
When I think about Thanksgiving, memories return from when I was a child. But I think the best Thanksgiving I ever had was when my boys were little--it was 1987 and Christopher wasn't quite a year old yet. We spent Thanksgiving Day with my parents on the farm. Nanny, Poppy, my Great Aunt Helga, Aunt Ann and her family, and Aunt Marlene and her family, as well as my Uncle David, were all there.

The best memory of that day wasn't necessarily the food but the family time. My Aunt Ann brought her guitar and along with her son Dustin, she led us in singing Christmas carols after the dinner was over and cleaning-up completed. I will never forget--and this is my most favorite memory of her--my Great Aunt Helga, my Nanny's sister, was having a jolly good old time singing those Christmas carols, slapping her leg to the beat of the music. I can still recall her happy smile. I also think that was the year my Uncle David was made Chief of Police. I remember him pulling his badge out and saying he was "Chief of all police in Gouverneur!"

The photos below are of my Poppy back in the 1980s trimming the turkey, and my Daddy trimming the turkey in 2008-ish. There is something about the holidays and the men having the job of trimming the turkey in my family! I have many memories of Thanksgiving times....because I'm OLD now. Almost half a century!

Turkey carving time! Men in the kitchen!
In any case, I can't say that I have had any bad Thanksgiving memories except one sad one. It was my first Thanksgiving without my children nearby. But since we've moved to Albany area, the last few years we have gone to my Aunt Ann's house. I look forward to going there again this year. Unfortunately, again this Thanksgiving I won't be with either of my children. Christopher's job is too new for him to take vacation time and come home. But I'm looking forward to Christmas when I'll see my second son, Justin.

Altogether, I'm thankful. Thankful that I have a wonderfully annoying husband who really does love me despite his grumpiness. Thankful that I have two healthy, happy children and one beautiful daughter-in-law. Thankful that I still have both my parents, and thankful for my extended family I enjoy and share good times with. I guess when all said and done, the best Thanksgiving Ever is when you are surrounded with the people you love.

What was YOUR Best Thanksgiving Ever?

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