Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Online Recipe and Food Photo Sharing Goes Mainstream

Got a dinner date with your with digital camera or Smartphone? You’re not alone. If you haven’t noticed yet, sharing food photos and recipes online is BIG! Everyone is doing it! Seriously. Going online to find recipes is now an activity for 89% of Internet users, according to a recent BlogHer survey. I read that yesterday in an eMarketer article and thought, wow!

The article also reports that posting food photos is no longer an exclusive activity for a few dedicated bloggers. Blame it on Pinterest! That site’s surge in popularity has changed the digital landscape. At, we also know brands are getting in the recipe and photo sharing act, with positive purchase results from consumers. Our research shows 21% typically buy a product after they’ve been introduced to it in a recipe.

Charts from the eMarketer article follow, with data based on research by the MSLGROUP and The Hartman Group, and BlogHer, “Food Facts 2012.”

What new ways have you discovered to use recipe sites and share your food photos?

Posted by ScandoGirl