Friday, August 31, 2012

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Summer might be simmering to a close, but you wouldn’t know it from this week’s top search term: popsicle recipes! (That’s keyed off external searches to It might mean these summer treats are a coveted after-school treat? We call them ice pops on, but by any name, they’re a favorite icy treat on a hot day.

Orange-flavored Homemade Ice Pops (Photo by KGora)
Chef John of Food Wishes shared another three-ring winner this week on with his Hot Tamale Pie recipe. He notes that it has little connection with its South-of-the-Border namesake and uses a boxed cornbread mix, but lots of home cooks out there zeroed in on its yummy flavors. What’s not to like?

Hot Tamale Pie (Photo by Denise)
 So here is this week’s top recipe, video, and search term line-up:
  • The #1 new recipe last week was 7-Up® Biscuits, which includes the totally off-beat idea of using lemon-lime soda as an ingredient to make biscuits—along with butter and sour cream. Of course!
7-Up Biscuits (Photo by Molly)
  • Hot Tamale Pie received the largest increase in page views week-over-week, along with having the highest increase in recipe box saves and prints. The top video performer of the week featured Chef John’s How to Make Tamale Pie, so now you know why there’s an overlap. Go, Chef John!
  • Other fast-growing search terms driving traffic to the site included chicken stir fry recipe, chocolate cake recipe, and beef stroganoff recipe. Among internal search terms, the fastest growing terms last week included tamale pie, peanut butter bars, chicken piccata, and Mexican casserole. What a delicious ending for August!
When I looked at videos, the top new video this week was Country House Bed & Breakfast Casserole, based on the most average plays per day the week after release. Check it out! Not only is the recipe fast and easy, it uses ingredients you probably have on hand. Perfect for a Sunday brunch!

Country House Bed & Breakfast Casserole (Photo by The British Baker)
This week’s other top-performing videos include:
  • Simple Garlic Shrimp was the top performer for page views referred directly from a search engine 
Enjoy the long weekend! See you in September!

Posted by Renny Sabina, Business Analyst