Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Kitchen Insights – Recipes and Trends from

Got peaches? Allrecipes’ cooks do! And they were busy last week. It was everything peaches—cake, crisp, cobbler—you name it! Practically anything with peaches was a winner. Moist Peach Pound Cake, a new recipe, performed above average, and search queries for peach crisp and peach cobbler trended highest among internal searches. Of course, a couple of recipes for chicken and peanut butter cookies—an enduring favorite—managed to sneak onto the "top recipes list," too.

Take a click below to see all the peachy deliciousness happening!

  • Chef John's Peach Cobbler hit the trifecta last week! It was the top recipe for week-over-week in page views, prints and recipe box saves--and it also showed up among the week's top videos. Wow! I’m for sure adding this one to my recipe box; two 'secret' ingredients give it a cool taste twist. Check it out!
Chef John's Peach Cobbler warm from the oven (Photo by Dawn)
Bet you can't eat just one! Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (Photo by Java_Girl)
Perfect for a summer supper: Grilled Salmon I (Photo by hungryallweighs)
When I looked at search terms driving traffic to last week, the fastest growing search term was black bean brownies. Bet this is the recipe everyone is looking at: Black Bean Brownies, described as” fudgy” and perfect for gluten-free diets. Other search terms included zucchini bread recipe, fish and chips recipe, and chicken marinade recipe. On the site, the fastest growing week-over-week search terms included breakfast pizza, whoopie pies, peach crisp, and peach cobbler. (Hey, did you know this? Crisps have crunchy toppings on the fruit, while All-American cobblers have doughy, biscuit-type toppings dropped over the fruit before baking.)

Dark and dense Black Bean Brownies (Photo by zerofifteen)
And what were home cooks watching last week? Zucchini is rocking! The top new video is Zucchini Bread IV, based on the most average plays per day the week following its release. Others included:

Zucchini Bread IV (Photo by Latina Cook)
  • How To Fry An Egg – holding strong and still the top performer for page views, excluding all featured videos
Hope there’s a sweet and juicy peach-o-rama happening this week in your kitchen!

Posted by Renny Sabina, Business Analyst