Monday, August 27, 2012

Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - August 2012

Budget, Distance and Healthier Habits are Key Influences 
on 2012 Consumer Shopping and Cooking Behaviors

INSIGHT 1: Eating at home increases in popularity.
In Allrecipes' 2012 Grocery Trends Survey*, half of households surveyed say they are eating more meals at home compared with a year ago, and 38% say 'the economy' is the primary reason they're eating at home more often--an 82% increase in only one year. On average, nearly two-thirds of respondents (61%) report preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner at home five+ times/week.

Percentage of Meals Prepared or Eaten at Home 5 to 7 Times/Week

INSIGHT 2: 53% of shoppers are buying more items on sale to stretch grocery budgets.
In the past year, home cooks report doing the follow in an effort to be fiscally prudent:
  • Purchasing more items on sale | 53%
  • Making a shopping list and sticking to it | 34%
  • Using more coupons | 33%
  • Reviewing the in-store circular or weekly ad to see what's on sale | 56%
 INSIGHT 3: Shopping lists drive in-store purchase behaviors.
When asked how they decide what products/ingredients to purchase at the store, shopping lists continue to be a major influence for families.
  • 85% prepare a hand-written list
  • 22% bring recipe printouts to the store
  • 17% view recipes on packaging
  • 11% view recipes on a mobile device to purchase needed ingredients
INSIGHT 4: 90% of family food dollars are spent on foods prepared at home.
The distance a family must travel to shop for groceries has a significant impact on grocery shopping behaviors; households located 6 or more miles from a grocery store spend more on food they prepare at home. This group is also:

  • More inclined to eat meals at home to save money (95%) compared with only 73% of those who live within five miles of a grocery store
  • Less likely to purchase organic products; only 35% of these families purchase organic products compared with 41% of those who live within five miles of a grocery store
  • Most likely to spend the majority of their food dollars (90%+) on meals prepared at home. (This group represents 59% of households living five-plus miles from a grocery store, compared with 45% of those living within five miles of a grocery story.)

  • INSIGHT 5: 65% of Allrecipes home cooks are buying the same amount or more of organic products than they were in 2011.
    Health and wellness remain a top priority for home cooks in 2012, as 53% say they are making healthier meals. What organic product do one-quarter of Allrecipes shoppers insist on buying? Eggs! Another 15% choose to always buy organic dairy products.

    * The 2012 Allrecipes Grocery Trends Survey was hosted by in July 2012, with participation from 3,689 U.S.-based Allrecipes community members. No incentives were used to reward or encourage participation.

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