Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Allrecipes' BlogHer Food 2012 Recap

Allrecipes sponsored BlogHer Food 2012, which was right here in Seattle last month, and we had such a great time! We, of course, LOVE people who like to share recipes with others, so hanging out with hundreds of folks who share this passion with us was truly amazing! The food was fantastic, and the sessions were informative, but the friends we made were definitely the best part.

 We were honored and blown away at the number of bloggers who came to our booth to tell us how much they like and use our site. It turns out Allrecipes is a great resource for food bloggers who are researching their next recipe idea…and our reviews are one of the top features as they explore how others have modified recipes to get inspiration. We want to give a special shout out to everyone who stopped by to say hello and a thank-you to those who shared their love and positive feedback on Allrecipes!

While at BlogHer Food, we kicked off our 15th Anniversary celebration. We aren’t ready to share all the details yet, but we can tell you, the campaign is called #RecipeForHappiness. Each of the food bloggers who visited our booth shared their recipe for happiness, and we’ve combined all the responses into a word cloud highlighting the similarities of this fabulous group. We love the top five: love, family, laughter, friends and food. These are definitely our kind of people!

Allrecipes gave away some awesome swag from our friends at Aladdin, Theo’s Chocolate, Chef’nKuhn Rikon and Beecher’s Cheese and we heard our bags were a huge  hit – so a big thanks to the brands who hooked us up! We have one bag leftover so leave a comment on this post by July 28th and we'll pick a winner at random and send you a bag!

We also hosted a video flipbook booth at the BlogHer Food after party that was SO fun we could hardly keep up with all the books being made. Check out the video of the event here:

Finally, on Sunday morning, we hosted a party with Chef John making squash birds that was super fun! The creativity of the attending bloggers was awesome and in some cases hilarious (@saltyseattle, we’re talking about you). We couldn't top Chef John’s recap of this event, so here is a link to check it out: Food Wishes - Squash Birds of Feather

All in all, BlogHer Food was a blast and we can’t wait to see all our new friends in Austin for next year’s event! A special thank you to everyone who helped us kick off our 15th Anniversary (come back in two weeks to find out more about this), and cheers to 15 more years of happiness!

Here are some of our favorite recaps of the conference and Squash Bird extravaganza:
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Thanks for the link love! What a great recap!

I just laughed so hard watching that video! So good to see so many familiar faces having such a great time!