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Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - June 2012

Social Media Changes How, When and Where 
Home Cooks Seek and Share Food Information

INSIGHT 1: New technologies are shifting women’s media consumption habits.
• 61% of home cooks regularly access the Internet from a mobile device(1)
• 100 million+ women use Smartphones(2)
• Women spend 28% more time on social media than men(1)
• 83% of women are watching videos online; video views are up 33% Y0Y(3)
• Total social media consumption is up 10% YOY

INSIGHT 2: Home cooks’ mindsets about food and social activities varies by platform.
Allrecipes’ 2012 Women, Food and Social Media Survey(4) indicates women are sharing food-related content on all five of the top social sites, but their mindset differs depending on the platform. Twitter and Facebook provide quick diversions while waiting in line or sitting on the bus/train; Allrecipes is the most commonly accessed social site while in-store.

Home Cooks’ Mindsets About Food and Social Activities Vary by Platform

INSIGHT 3: Aspiration vs. immediacy.
According to Allrecipes’ 2012 Women, Food and Social Media survey, Twitter and Facebook allow women to stay socially connected, Pinterest provides an outlet for self-expression, Allrecipes serves immediate needs, and YouTube is all about learning.

INSIGHT 4: Photos and peer reviews fuel recipe sharing.
Attractive photos and positive ratings/reviews are home cooks’ biggest motivations for sharing recipes.

 Motivations to Share a Recipe
(% very much to extremely)

INSIGHT 5: Branded recipes receive 6 times the return on traffic when shared socially.
The blend of peer recommendations combined with sharing on social sites provides strong opportunities for brands to increase their recipe exposure and engagement. A 2012 ad campaign by a consumer products brand including recipe integration saw a positive direct correlation between social sharing and recipe page views. Each time a branded recipe was shared using the Facebook Share or Pin It features on an recipe page, the recipe received six additional views from referring visits from the home cook’s social network.

INSIGHT 6: Consumer products brands are 10 times more likely to use socially-enabled ads.(5)
Consumer products (CPG) brands are 10 times more likely to integrate social sharing and saving features into their display advertising. Google predicts 75% of all display ads will be socially-enabled by 2015. On, a recent advertiser’s socially enabled banner ads generated an average click-through rate of 0.88%, nearly 10 times higher than the industry average.

 Sample Click-Through Rate

INSIGHT 7: “Fan following” boosts purchase intent.
Home cooks are 49% more likely to purchase products from a brand after “following” them on a social site. Allrecipes cooks are 33% more likely to purchase products from brands they follow on a social media site (66% vs. 49%) compared with the general population. How likely are you to purchase products from a brand after following them on a social site?

How likely are you to purchase products from a brand
 after following them on a social site?

INSIGHT 8: 60% of Millennial cooks share food experiences online. (7)
While Millennials and their older peers tend to spend about the same amount of time online, Millennials are more likely to use the Internet as a platform to broadcast their thoughts and experiences, by creating and sharing user-generated videos, photos, blog posts and reviews. Millennial cooks are also more likely to rate products and services: 60% compared with 46% of Generation X and Baby Boomer cooks.

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