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Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - April 2012

Looking Ahead to May Celebrations: Breakfast, Beverages, and Mexico!

INSIGHT 1: Breakfast is the top meal choice for Mother's Day celebrations.
Last Mother's Day, 24 of Allrecipes' most popular Mother's Day recipes were for breakfast dishes, including the top-ranked Basic Crêpes, Waffles I, Clone of a Cinnabon and, of course, Mimosas. Second place was claimed by Easy Chicken Cutlets with Apples, the only main dish recipe. Crêpes were extremely popular in all parts of the United States, excluding North- and Southeast, where Easy Chicken Cutlets with Apples was the top pick.'s TOP 10 
1. Basic Crêpes
2. Easy Chicken Cutlets with Apples
3. Dessert Crêpes
4. Waffles I
5. Simple Scones
6. Clone of a Cinnabon
7. Crêpes
8. Eggs Benedict
9. Overnight Caramel Pecan Rolls
10. Classic Waffles

INSIGHT 2: Mother’s Day meal-planning, shopping and preparing is done ahead of time. 
Home cooks prepare for Mother’s Day on Saturday rather than Sunday, so they can relax on Mother’s Day.

INSIGHT 3: At home cocktail preparation up 37% YOY.
As Allrecipes' 2012 Annual Food Trends report noted, consumers are increasingly opting to prepare cocktails at home instead of ordering at a restaurant or bar--most likely to save money. Last year, beverage recipe page views surged 37% year-over-year on, averaging 3 million page views per month. In terms of popularity, cooks are showing interest in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with slightly more traffic going to alcoholic beverages. Beverage recipes receive considerable traffic throughout the year, with traffic peaks aligning with major holidays and summer celebrations.

During spring and summer months, the most popular alcoholic beverages are mojitos, margaritas, sangria, mai tais, strawberry daiquiries, and mint juleps.

INSIGHT 4: Cinco de Mayo in Mexico? Not!
In the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day when Americans celebrate Mexican culture and heritage, but -- surprise! -- the holiday is not celebrated in Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, May 5th is not Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s September 16th). Instead, the day marks Mexico’s victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo became popular in the U.S. in the 1980s when some commercial interests in the U.S. and Mexico — particularly beer companies — capitalized on the celebratory aspect of the day and launched a promotion. The festival caught on!

To add authentic Mexican flair to Cinco de Mayo parties, try this fresh, citrus-infused cocktail — Mexican Vampires, made with Sangrita, the traditional chaser for tequila.

1. Chicken Enchiladas II
2. Taqueria Style Tacos – Carne Asada
3. Tres Leches (Three Milk Cake)
4. Guacamole
5. Over the Top Nachos
6. Churros
7. Margaritas
8. Quick and Easy Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Casserole
9. Taco Seasoning I
10. Burrito Pie

¡Felicidades mamá! Instead of Cinco de Mayo, Mexico's big holiday in May is Mother’s Day--celebrated nationwide, and always on May 10th, regardless of the day of the week. It’s traditionally marked by giving mom flowers and enjoying a family meal at a restaurant.

INSIGHT 5: Mexican home cooks share authentic recipes.
Launched in 2010, offers Mexican home cooks an authentic, relevant online community for sharing food and cooking experiences. The mobile version is also now available at

1. Carne en su jugo estilo Jalisco (Jalisco-Style Beef
    Cooked in Its Juices)
2. Camarones a la diabla estilo Sinaloa 
    (Sinaloa-Style Deviled Prawns)
3. Tacos al pastor (Shepherd’s Tacos)
4. Auténticos Chiles en Nogada (Authentic Chiles
    in Nogada Sauce)
5. Pastel de Tres Leches (Three-Milk Cake)



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