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Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report - January 2012

Three-quarters of American families pay more attention to eating healthy meals than five years ago, yet 50% also eat fast food meals weekly

INSIGHT 1: 98% of American families are eating healthy meals “sometimes/always;” while fewer than 1% say they think about dieting only in January.
88% report thinking about healthy dieting year-round. Half of all survey respondents are motivated to eat a healthful diet by health concerns, which increase as consumers age. Millennials (consumers born between 1981 and 2000) and Baby Boomers are the demographic segments most focused on healthy diets.

How important is a healthy diet for you and your family?

Motivations to pursue a healthy diet based on age demographics

INSIGHT 2: 56% of households eat fast food two or more times a month, and report feeling “guilty” or “bad” afterwards.
Speed and convenience are the top reasons most consumers opt for fast food dining over eating at home. To prepare a healthy meal at home, nearly two-thirds (65%) of home cooks would want it ready in 20 minutes or less to be persuaded to skip the drive-through.

INSIGHT 3: 54% of consumers say “resisting snacks and treats” is their biggest challenge to maintaining a healthy diet.
For more than half (57%) of consumers, healthy eating is a lifestyle. For everyone else it’s intermittent, a ‘start and stop’ effort lasting one year (7%) to a few months or a few weeks (27%), and loaded with challenges.

What’s most challenging about maintaining a healthy diet? (Choose your top 3.)

INSIGHT 4: 1 in 5 households say preparing foods to meet healthy dietary requirements is challenging due to busy schedules and limited food budgets.
More than half of consumers have 45 minutes or less to prepare their evening meal, while 40% of consumers don’t know what’s for dinner until the same day a meal is prepared and eaten. When they do plan, dinner is the meal 96% of home cooks plan in advance.

INSIGHT 5: Options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike top the list of most-popular healthy recipes.
Look below to discover the Top 10 healthy recipes on Allrecipes.com (based on page views in 2011), 10 from a collection of 1,715 fast-to-make, affordable, great-tasting healthy recipes. For more deliciously quick and easy recipes, tips for losing weight, and insights about foods to boost brainpower and other practical information, consumers can visit HealthyWomen.org/healthyeating and Allrecipes.com/features/new-year-new-you.

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The 2011 Healthy Women Survey was hosted on Allrecipes.com from November 8 – 14, 2011, in collaboration with HealthyWomen.org, with participation from 1,563 U.S.-based Allrecipes community members. No incentives were used to reward or incent participation. 
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