Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make Merry in the Kitchen with Allrecipes’ Christmas eCookbook!

Guess how many hands go up when people are asked how important food is to their Christmas celebrations? Right! Practically everyone’s! Christmas is the season for tried-and-true recipes, for family favorites, for grandmothers’ special dishes passed down between generations, for treats remembered from childhood, each one evoking sweet memories. Now what if you had 100 of Allrecipes’ BEST tried-and-true Christmas recipes at your fingertips—to browse, to talk about, and to use to prepare a festive holiday meal—all in a snazzy eCookbook packed with photos and cooking tips and ready to download for your tablet or eReader? Hands raised for those who think that would be superfabulous! Yes! Check it out here and download Christmas: 100 Best Recipes from onto your Kindle, iPad, Nook, or smartphone. It’s just $7.99, and ready to inspire you all season long.

Only can bring you tried-and-true Christmas recipes created and shared by a dynamic community of everyday home cooks around the world. From appetizers to main dishes, sides, cookies, and desserts, for breakfast, brunch and dinner, these recipes have been prepared by millions of busy cooks with families, jobs, community activities, and friends—just like you—and rated, reviewed, tweaked, and discussed. They’ve been served on millions of Christmas dinner tables, exchanged as gifts, and found their way into happy hands as special holiday treats. Here’s a recipe sampling to tantalize you even more. Grab the eBook now to see every recipe!