Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eat Smart Challenge

Hello! Welcome back to our last “Together Thursday” of the Eat Smart Challenge! Are you one of the 32 percent of parents who prepare four to five dinners per week with your children? Now that you’re ready to cook, you have one of the most important tasks in front of you—deciding who will do what! Take a few minutes with your children to organize all of the things that need to be done to make the meal you’ve planned. With your recipes in hand, determine the following:
• What food will need to be cut up?
• Will the food need to be baked, fried, or boiled?
• Will you need to use the oven or stovetop?
• What other appliances are needed?

This is also the time to talk to your child about food safety (here’s a link from Fizzy’s that covers the basics).

Assign the meal tasks once you’ve talked about the jobs that need to be done. If you have more than one child, give everyone a chance to be “head chef” by rotating each meal or week by each child (including mom and dad as “head chef”) then post a calendar and fill in the names for their assigned day.

As the “head chef,” your child should talk with everyone who’s going to be a part of preparing the meal to make sure they know what to do, when they need to do it, and where to find the foods and tools to do their part of the cooking.

Always encourage your child to always ask if there is something someone really wants to do? Use a dry erase board for kids to write down who’s doing what and when. As a task is completed, have everyone check it off the list. And, make sure you don’t forget things like setting the table and cleaning up!

Set the timer, good luck and have fun!

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