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This month, the focus at is all about Back to School cooking with special attention towards providing busy parents with resources that help get their kids excited about making and eating healthy foods.

We recently sponsored a contest on They Draw & Cook, an amazingly cool social media site created by brother-and-sister design-and-illustration duo Nate Padavick and Salli Swindel. is dedicated to the creation and sharing of illustrated recipes by talented artists from around the world. Since launching February 2010, They Draw & Cook has become the biggest (and funniest!) collection of recipe renderings on the web! If you haven’t visited this site before, we encourage you to visit—the artwork and creativity hosted on the site is truly inspiring.

The theme for our contest was “Cooking for Kids”--we told the artists we were looking for well-designed, fun, kid-friendly recipe illustrations that inspire kids to want to eat healthy foods. The judging panel was comprised by folks from They Draw and Cook and Today we have the pleasure of revealing the contest winners.

Grand Prize Winner
APPLE SMILES by Tracy Mattocks from Brooklyn, NY
We were all in a fit of giggles when we saw this recipe! We loved how it was so simple yet so full of silly fun! Who can resist not trying this? Artist Tracy Mattocks really brings this recipe to life with her happy art style and apple-licious color palette! Everything about this recipe and illustration says "kid-friendly"; it's easy enough for kids to assemble, it's healthy (go light on the marshmallows or use raisins for scary teeth!) and it makes EVERYONE smile!!! Click here to leave Tracy a congratulatory comment on They Draw and Cook.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order…we love them all equally).
FRUITY AND FUN ICE POPS by Laura Mayes from Ann Arbor, MI
We loved the wonderful story that artist Laura Mayes has illustrated with her recipe. Mom and daughter are having fun buying their groceries and making the sweet AND healthy fruit pops. Then the best part is sharing them with a friend! The colors and frosty borders seem to add to the fruity fun and icy goodness. And not to be overlooked is the cool use of photographic images! Click here to leave a comment for Laura on They Draw and Cook.

PIZZA FACES by Alison Kolesar from Williamstown, MA
We were all laughing when we saw this recipe! We decided to go home that night and make own favorite version of a Pizza Face! This is such a simple yet very clever combination of ingredients that can be customized so many different ways. Kids will have a blast making faces and eating their veggies at the same time! The judges give artist Alison Kolesar an A+ for creative presentation. Click here to leave a comment for Alison on They Draw and Cook.

ONE-EYED EGYPTIANS by James Orndorf from Skull Valley, AZ
We all unanimously agreed that sometimes it's all in the presentation of things! This classic recipe is made super awesome with the way it's plated. Not only has artist James Orndorf created an intriguing illustration, but he has given us a hilarious idea for serving up bacon, eggs, and toast! The only problem is what to eat first: the left eye or the right or the smirk! (Nate and Salli say their Dad called this a "Wink Eye"!) Do you call this something different? If so, click here to leave a comment on They Draw and Cook and let us all know!

PRINCESS PARFAIT by Lisa Graves from Medway, MA
Who can resist a princess? Not the judges! We loved a fairy tale and artist Lisa Graves! Her recipe layers all things healthy and beautiful. Every little girl likes to feel like a princess, right? Of course, Lisa has gently reminded us to eat daintily, put our napkin on our lap and go easy on the honey to avoid sticky fingers (a royal pain). C'mon Lisa, did a real unicorn actually model for this illustration??? Click here to leave a comment for Princess Lisa on They Draw and Cook!

Once we finished laughing at this terrific entry, we all agreed that the addition of cashews make this recipe 100% great. It's vegan AND lactose intolerant-friendly, making it even better! They thoroughly enjoy all of the humorous shenanigans that artist Samarra Khaja has included with the cashew bunch and think that kids will love looking at this recipe as much as they will love drinking this mega-shake! Click here to leave a comment for Samarra on They Draw and Cook.

Please join us in congratulating these winners and the more than 140 artists who entered (you can check out all of the entries by clicking here) for their amazing work. If you are interested, prints of these illustrated recipes are available for purchase at and; we think a trio of these prints would make a great addition to any kitchen wall. 50% of They Draw and Cook's net profits from the sale of each artwork go straight to the artist.

Esmee Williams, VP Brand Marketing


Thanks for playing along with all of us at They Draw and Cook. Super fun contest...super awesome artwork!

What a wonderful contests!.. Definitely should do this kind of contest more often! :) Thanks for sharing!