Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School, Back to Cooking

At Allrecipes, September marks not just Back to School, but also what we like to call Back to Kitchen. With cooler weather, days become more chaotic with school buses, soccer practices, and homework. Family cooks transition away from the grill and back into the kitchen for quick and easy meals the entire family will enjoy. is home to a wonderful collection of Back to School pages and newsletters focused on helping busy parents decide what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When creating our Back to School pages, the Allrecipes team took guidance from the experiences of our amazing community of family-focused home cooks (their ratings, reviews, and photos) to ensure we highlight the absolute most popular, guaranteed-to-please, kid-approved recipes.

This year we paid special attention to present smart food choices. According to Allrecipes’ 2011 Back to School survey, more than half (56%) of families with school-aged children are very/extremely concerned with the food their kids eat. When asked who could make the biggest impact in the fight against childhood obesity, 95% of respondents said parents by buying and preparing healthier food choices for their kids. In the same group, 66% felt the media could make a positive difference by promoting healthy food choices on TV, and 59% felt food marketers could make a difference by making healthy foods more interesting and exciting.

Given this information we are particularly excited about our Healthy Kids Back to School page—created in partnership with PBS Kids and Hidden Valley Ranch—featuring PBS KIDS online host Professor Fizzy in his Lunch Lab dishing up a fun mix of good-for-you tips and food ideas., PBS Kids, and Hidden Valley Ranch are committed to providing parents with easy, convenient access to trusted tools, programming, and products centered on healthier family eating habits and smarter food choices.

Each Thursday throughout September, Allrecipes Fresh Bites blog will feature a new post comprised of expert healthy eating tips, recipes, and strategies from Cory Vicens, Culinary Director. We encourage you to come back weekly to discover new ideas on a variety of topics, as well as share your favorite family-focused, healthy eating strategies with our community.

Thursday, 9/8 Cook for the family: what makes a good dinner? 
Thursday, 9/15  Try out some veggies! Tip on recipes you can try with your family.


I find it strange that Hidden Valley Ranch is an acceptable partner for a healthy eating campaign considering their main ingredient is MSG.