Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Much Do You Love Garlic?

Mornings are always interesting here at the Allrecipes office. This week, a “fun email” was centered on garlic. Stephanie J.’s email looked something like this:

What do you do with…
40 lbs of fresh garlic?
Thinking about preserving it but don’t know how I feel about pickling. Any ideas on spreads or what to do with this much garlic?
Any recommendations welcome.

Everyone jumped on this email with recommendations and suggestions (we LOVE our garlic here!). I was able to get some great suggestions from the twittersphere as well.

Some suggestions from the twittersphere:
@jeremymeyers: @Allrecipes roast it! make a spread with the softened pieces, store in a mason jar in the fridge

@cpblackburn73: @Allrecipes I wrapped a head of garlic in aluminum foil with olive oil and salt and grilled it. That was amazing!

@fugu13: @Allrecipes garlic soup, from mastering the art of french cooking. Uses plenty, has a remarkable, delicate flavor (surprisingly)

@nanianeleia: pickle it. fry it. bake it. turn it into garlic chips! :-) RT @Allrecipes co-worker received a TON of garlic. Suggestions?

@EatAquaStar: @Allrecipes Perhaps a smoked (or even roasted) garlic soup--with some grilled shrimp? http://bit.ly/qcDr7N

@PotsandPans: @Allrecipes RE: a TON of garlic. Suggestions on what to do w/it? Separate cloves, peel and freeze in little tubs or ziplocks.

@BoredHousewife: @Allrecipes How about garlic clove bread? Not sure where to find a recipe for it, but our grocery store's bakery makes it and it is GREAT!

@MylesCatchpole: @Allrecipes To consume a lot of garlic quickly, it's hard to beat the simplicity and deliciousness of roast garlic cloves.

Some suggestions from ’Peeps in the office:
Vanessa: Roast it and freeze the paste.

Judith: You set up a stand at your neighborhood farmers’ market and start selling it?
Infuse it in olive oil?
Peel and freeze?
Give a pound to all your best friends?
Make Harissa and give it to everyone you know as a Christmas present!

Amy: Mojo de ajo is always good. We use it to marinate meat and add to various potato preparations. We sometime use just the oil for cooking and strain out the garlic to use as a spread. The oil is also pretty tasty on popcorn.

Kate: Shannon makes a really good Caesar salad with lots of garlic, she also has a recipe for a Mexican Cilantro dressing with lots of garlic… I think dressings keep pretty long and are always delicious in salads!

Sarah: Roast a couple of bulbs and use it on a plain baguette, pizza or focaccia
Roasted garlic hummus
Cook lots of Italian food!

Todd: Made into spaghetti sauce and frozen or canned.
Stuffed into olives.
I think you’re going to have to do a variety of things that can be preserved.
Alternately if it still has the stems then braid it and hang in a cool dry place, it will store for quite awhile.

Randall: Make a garlic sauce or mince in a food pro and freeze.

Hugh: You should watch the Ball Canning videos on allrecipes.tv and just make a bunch of fresh minced garlic and can it. You could infuse olive oil with it and give it as gifts to your co-workers or make garlic butter and freeze it.

So now I ask you, what would you do with about 40 pounds of fresh garlic?
-Jen E


Wear it around your neck. 40 lbs. will surely keep the vampires away! ;)

throw a garlic dinner party and donate the rest to the local foodbank

I had 2 bushels of garlic dug from our garden. I dehydrated a good part of that and made garlic powder. I did the same thing last year. It tastes so much better than store-bought. I also baked a bunch drizzled with olive oil/salt/pepper, removed the paper and smushed it and keep it in the fridge. Roasted garlic is wonderful!

Peel it and throw the cloves in the food processor with a little olive oil and pulse till minced. Then press into ice cube trays to make frozen garlic cubes you can easily pop into soups, stews and sauces all year round.

Just pop the cubes out once frozen and store in ziploc bags.