Friday, August 12, 2011

Berries, Cherries, Cukes and More Kick Off National Can-It-Forward Day

Grab your jar lifters and stir those blueberries or cherries into jam! Love the crunch of dill pickles? Get out the vinegar and pickling spices, and discover how easy it is to make these puppies. Nothing beats homemade! If you ever wanted to learn how to preserve and can summer’s sweet bounty of fruits and veggies to enjoy during the dark days of winter, Allrecipes has a zillion canning recipes to inspire you! It’s a hot topic for home cooks. We know searches for canning recipes have almost doubled over last year and our research shows 52% of all home cooks are now getting their canning or preserving information from the Internet. Surprisingly, almost half of all canners are under age 40.

We’re super excited about canning right now because Allrecipes is participating in National Can-It-Forward Day! on Saturday, August 13th — two days of demonstrations about home-made jam and pickle making happening at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. The event will launch Canning Across America’s third season of home preserving. It’s all to inspire cooks to get out their canning kettles, wash those jars, and get started! Raspberries will boil and bubble before being ladled into sparkling hot glass jars, and baby cukes will start their journey to becoming crisp sandwich pickles.
Join the Can-It-Forward Day action in your own kitchen! Allrecipes’ home cooks have shared 651 luscious jam recipes, and 655 pickle recipes for everything from cucumbers to green beans. There’s even a terrific Canning and Preserving article outlining everything you need to know. You can also find the demo recipes from Can-It-Forward Day! here (scroll to the bottom of the page). To watch the canning demos filmed live on Can-It-Forward Day!, click to For the latest news about the canning revival, check out Canning Across America’s Facebook page.



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