Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does Andrew Zimmern Have the Stomach for Your Bizarre Foods?

TV host Andrew Zimmern is in Seattle this week, eating strange items at local restaurants for his Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods. Now, bizarre is in the eye of the beholder, but we think America’s home cooks have come up with some pretty weird dishes. We’re offering Andrew a date in the Allrecipes downtown Seattle kitchen to try them—if he dares.

There are a variety of recipes from the site to choose from:
•Braised with bacon, you can’t go wrong with this recipe for Squirrel Legs.
Fish Smoothies. Raw Pacific Northwest salmon pureed with seasonal strawberries, yum!
•Yummy bear in a stew—Big Bear Stew.
•Pig tail and ears are paired with garbanzo beans to create a tasty Guisado de Cerdo dish.
Antelope Goulash is available for those who have some extra antelope on hand.
•Add some flair to your recipe with Majorcan Style Brains.
•Add Lamb Fries to your next entertaining menu, you’ll be sure to get the food conversation started.
•If you haven’t tried durian yet, perhaps start out with a Durian Puree Cheesecake.
Alligator Chili can be your next comfort food dish!

If you’d like to see Andrew Zimmern try out one of the Allrecipes bizarre recipes, be sure to let them know on their Facebook page. Bizarre Foods is not currently scheduled to swing by the office but we’d love to see them here! Wouldn’t you?

We wanted to know what else our community has tried outside of their comfort zone. Asking the question “Alligator Chili, Slow Cooker Squirrel, Big Bear Stew, or Antelope Goulash—what are some of the bizarre dishes you’ve tried?” on our Facebook page, there were a lot of adventurous eaters out there!

Have a bizarre recipe you’d like to add to the collection? Tried a bizarre dish lately? Tell us about it!
-Jen and Seth


I tried pork brain from Tom Douglas once...it was delish! I ate it and loved it before I knew what it was...so maybe I wouldn't have liked it if I did it the other way around!

I have had frog legs, love'em'. Rabbit, Shark, Bear,

I was just in Vietnam and tried fried silk worms... don't think I'll be having that again! They pop in your mouth and release all this creamy liquid - ew! I do love goat brain though; it sort of tastes like pate, but better!

I would like to see Andrew try Fish Smoothies ;)