Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberries at Wimbledon, a winning tradition!

The world’s oldest tennis tournament is steeped in tradition, with the most delicious of them all featuring everyone’s favorite ruby red summer fruit! Just like Americans look forward to hot dogs at the ballpark, British tennis fans have been enjoying pots of strawberries served with lashings of cream ever since Wimbledon began in the 1800s.

How big is the tradition? This year alone, spectators will devour more than 65,000 pounds of strawberries and 1,800 gallons of cream during the 13 days at Wimbledon. To remember the experience, they can even take home a souvenir strawberry mug or a sterling silver strawberry dipped in cream.

And if you’re courtside, you need something to wash it all down, of course! Age-old favorites are Champagne or Pimm’s, an English herbal tipple made from gin that’s a much-loved summertime drink.

In Britain you’ll find evidence of Wimbledon strawberries just about everywhere—not just at center court. Home cooks are getting creative with their strawberries, baking them into cupcakes and making strawberries and Pimm’s trifles, while the country’s biggest supermarket chain is even offering a strawberries and cream sandwich this year.

So whether you’re watching the finals this weekend, or just want some summer fun, try this lighter take on Strawberries and Cream. For the real deal, sprinkle a little sugar on your strawberries if needed, but skip the sweetened whipped cream we’re used to in the United States. For Brits the cream in “strawberries and cream” is thick but still pourable, called double cream. You can also try lightly beaten whipping cream.

See more of our Wimbledon-inspired recipes below and in our Wimbledon recipe collection on

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