Friday, June 24, 2011

Everything Tastes Better Over a Campfire

The weather is slowly taking a turn for the better here in Seattle. Daily temperatures have been so unseasonable cool, the weather folks are referring to the month as June-uary. While we wait for sunny skies and warmer temperatures to arrive, many staff members are spending their free time preparing for camping trips planned for the weeks ahead. Although we have different skill sets, terrain preferences, and destinations, our camping trips have one thing in common—great food.

I’m not sure why everything tastes better when prepared over a campfire…maybe it’s the fresh air, dining with good friends, or the harsh reality that there isn’t a restaurant within 20 miles. Food preparation is one of my favorite things about camping. is home to a great selection of campout-worthy recipes.

My favorites are:

•If I’m cooking just for my family, Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches—which are classic breakfast sandwich made with those really cool pie ovens—are wonderful.
•If I’m cooking for a crowd, Dutch Oven Mountain Man is an easier option.
•I have also made really cool “Omelets in a Ziploc bag” which are a total crowd pleaser; but I’ve since learned that there are health safety concerns with doing this because the bags aren’t designed for boiling foods. So I am going to avoid this dish until boilable bags are available.

My favorite sandwich ever (I grew up in Massachusetts) is perfect for camping because the ingredients are lightweight and don’t require refrigeration: Fluffernutter sandwich.
These Easy Granola Bars can be easily made ahead. They are great by a campfire or on a hike.

Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans
Campfire Vidalias
Foil-Pack Mushrooms

Here are more great suggestions from other Allrecipes staff members:
•Bring along some homemade chili to heat up over the fire. Chili tastes approximately 892 times better eaten out of a tin cup next to a campfire.
•I like making skillet muffins using the powdered blueberry muffin mix.
•Home fries—sliced thin potatoes with onion and mushrooms and garlic fried up in olive oil.
Hobo Pie
Pie Iron Tacos
Hobo Pie Campfire Breakfast
Fresh caught fish cooked in foil
•Camping stew—it’s Sirloin chunks, butter, potatoes carrots, and celery slices with garlic and onion wrapped in a foil packet and cooked in the campfire for 40 minutes. Yum!
•Cubed potatoes or vegetables in olive oil, herbs, salt. and pepper wrapped in foil, baked over the campfire coals.

One campfire favorite I heard from everyone I asked was S’mores. There are lots of great recipe variations on this classic campfire treat.

Happy Camping!


First of all--send your weather to Texas, please!

Next--Enjoyable post. I do like food that's been cooked over an open fire, or at least outside on a camp stove.

I don't have any favorites, per se. Although I have rocked omelets in the great outdoors to rave reviews. Mostly by the racoons that raided our camp.

Happy camping!