Monday, June 27, 2011

Cravings, 9-Year Olds, and Homemade Everything

Best of the Reviews
Happy drunk:
Scott Hibb's Amazing Whisky Grilled Baby Back Ribs - OMG!! I am ruined for life!! I will NEVER be able to order ribs at a restaurant again!! Made these to specs using Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and ground chipotle chile pepper and let me just say, these are eye-closing, conversation-stopping, toe-curling good!! Oh. My. Heavens. Gurgle. Scott, WOW!! Thank you SO much for sharing! These are beyond amazing!

Ranch Dressing II - THANK YOU. My bottle of ranch dressing mysteriously disappeared, and I’m pregnant and I NEEDED ranch dressing tonight. I had all the ingredients for this and it was just right. So, thank you!

That got him to shut up:
Frosty Orangeliciousness Smoothie (Kid-Friendly) - I had this awesome drink last night. My wife made this drink and was so delicious that my mouth almost fell off. This drink is easy to make. If you want to add little more fun to this drink, add vanilla vodka.

Alfredo for the budding nutritionist:
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo - This was the first dish I've made here on AR. I'm a college student majoring in Marketing and I just picked up a Minor in Health/Nutrition. I thought this was excellent! Loved it, and so did my family. I think it needed just a little bit more milk and a hint of salt and it tasted perfect.

9-year old dishlicker:
Fabulous Wet Burritos - As a lover of Tex-Mex food, I can honestly say this is delicious. I can understand how others might think it was bland or something because there are not a lot of spices/flavors added. But on taste alone, with the mixture of beef, refried beans, and the yummy sauce that makes it "wet"—well this one is a winner. We gobbled it up and were stuffed afterward. Even my 9-year-old literally licked her plate clean (good thing we were at home lol). 5 stars in my book!

Dog tested and approved:
Spicy Indian Chicken and Mango Curry - Ohhh so good!! It was delicious, I didn’t put the mangoes in it, I put it on the side but it was great! Thanks. Even my Husky couldn’t help himself. He ate my chicken curry while my back was turned! Lol -__-

Homemade everything:
Buttermilk Biscuits I - I suppose if I used self-rising flour, they might have been better. I only had Bisquick on hand and I really needed to use my buttermilk. (It was fresh that I had from making butter.) I cut recipe in half and used 2 tsp of baking powder b/c Bisquick already has a leavening agent in it. I used a whole tablespoon of sugar and a cup of buttermilk and followed the rest of the directions the same. I normally follow recipes as written before I review them, but in case you are in a pinch like I was, then you should still get good results. It's still not quite what I am looking for in a biscuit, but better than any I have done so far. Oh and they taste even better with my fresh made whipped butter on top!

Swiss cheese enthusiast:
Chicken Cordon Bleu II - Thumbs up on the recipe! I agree with those who fried the chicken in butter and then let it cook nicely and uniform in the oven 30 min 225 degrees centigrade. Now I believe it's important to specify what kind of Swiss Cheese we're talking about! For a thick rich finish I suggest emmentaler or appenzeller cheese, the first being creamier and softer in text. For a more slender, stronger, saltier and more experimental I tried LeGruyere cheese and it was awesome! For the ultra special occasion I tweaked it with Sbrinz or Fribourg cheese!

Must have been the recipe:
French Toast I - These were good! Besides the fact that I ruined them by melting my plastic spatula along with them... I'm not sure I'll attempt to make French toast again, after that experience.

I live in Thailand. YOU stay home!
Thai Beef Salad - I lived in Thailand for 2 years. This recipe is authentic Thai food. For those of you that who did not like the fish sauce and mint I say....stay home, never travel because you will never enjoy flavors of different nations. I would have given this recipe 10 stars if that were possible. Thank You!