Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bring Home the Bacon!

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Enough of us at Allrecipes admire the crispy meat so much that we created the mobile app Baconnection!

Inspired by the infamous Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, we created Six Degrees of ACTUAL Bacon—only our version links your starting ingredient to bacon through recipes with other common ingredient “cast members”!

Three ways to indulge your love for bacon:
•Play the game that challenges you to connect your favorite ingredient (bacon of course) to other ingredients through recipes.

•Expand your bacon knowledge through the great bacon trivia game
 Did you know: The Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day!

•Let’s face it—the best thing about bacon is eating bacon! Hundreds of popular, member- tested bacon recipes right to your finger tips from Allrecipes.com, Everyday with Rachel Ray, and Taste of Home.

Show your love for bacon by checking us out at: http://baconnectionapp.com

“We had a lot of fun creating this app. I think I ate about 10 pounds of bacon in the process of making it after looking at those delicious recipes every day during production. The original name we had picked out for the app was Six Degrees of Bacon, but our legal team was worried that Kevin Bacon would end up wanting a slice of our bacon, so we ended up at Baconnection instead. The team did a great job in producing it, and in order to get as many people to try our bacon as possible, we’ve made the app FREE for a limited time for both iPhone and Android! Get it while it’s hot!”

-Scott S. | VP Product Management, Allrecipes.com