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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Winter Basics

The weather outside might be frightful, but dinner inside is delightful. Home cooks chose winter favorites with Turkey pot pie, a hearty soup, and French toast topped last week’s (November 27-December 3, 2015) recipe searches. Cooks with leftover Thanksgiving turkey searched for inspiration to use up remnants of the mighty bird. Others may have been thinking about Christmas dinner by making a dry brine recipe the week’s top new recipe. Read on for an overview of the action.
Dad's Leftover Turkey Pot Pie (Photo by larkspur)

Budget-Friendly Winter Soup (Photo by Linda T)

Overnight French Toast (Photo by Melissa Goff)

  • A simple tactic for ensuring a succulent turkey, a recipe for Dry Brine Turkey was last week’s the most popular new recipe 
Dry Brine Turkey (Photo by Hello Angie)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Turkey ruled last week. Home cooks with leftover turkey were all about finding ways to use up the poultry. Turkey tetrazzini topped the list as the fastest-growing week-over-week search term driving traffic to the site. Other fast-growing search terms in this category included easy turkey tetrazzini, turkey pot pie, turkey pot pie recipe, and leftover turkey casserole.

Last week’s fastest-growing internal search terms were overnight blueberry French toast, turkey noodle soup, turkey tetrazzini, turkey tetrazzini, and turkey enchiladas.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Year-Over-Year Terms
Cooks searching for ideas to answer the “What’s for dinner?” question last week (November 27-December 3, 2015) went back to the basics after the big feast and found plenty of choices. Veggies, ramen, “easy,” and leftovers topped the keyword list. Christmas cookies also showed up among the Top 10 keywords for the first week.

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES  (November 27-Decembefr 3, 2015)
1. Dinner ideas +274%
2. Sweet potato recipe +108%
3. Brussels sprouts recipes +106%
4. Ramen noodle recipes +73%
5. Leftover turkey +62%
6. Quick and easy vegetable soup +61%
7. Dinner ideas +56%
8. Mashed potatoes recipe +46%
9. Food recipes +26%
10.  Christmas cookies recipes +23%

What did you prepare to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager

Friday, December 4, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Sweet Potato Casserole Rules

Thanksgiving in all its delicious glory ruled searches and screens last week (November 11-26, 2015). Home cooks zeroed in on Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, candied yams, and celery. Pecan pie also made the cut. As an antidote to all that turkey, some cooks also craved recipes for chicken nuggets and rib roast. Week of Thanksgiving kitchen insights revealed below:
Yummy Sweet Potato Casserole (Photo by Tamara B)

Fried Brussels Sprouts Casserole (Photo by LilSnoo)

  • For families planning beyond leftover turkey week, Crispy Chicken Nuggets earned most week-over-week Recipe Box saves
Crispy Chicken Nuggets (Photo by Marianne)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Turkey time! If it’s something you make once a year, you want to make it the right way. Home cooks were all about “how to” roasting instructions for the big bird. The fastest growing week over week search term driving traffic to the site last week was how long to cook a turkey. Other fast-growing search terms driving traffic to the site included turkey cooking time, candied yams recipe, roast turkey, and easy sweet potato casserole with marshmallows.

Thanksgiving dishes also made up the menu for the fastest growing week-over-week internal search terms: potato casserole, pecan pie v, celery stuffing, and turkey rub—with one exception: rib roast.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Year-Over-Year Terms
No escaping the power of Thanksgiving. Last week’s (November 21-27, 2015) top external year-over-year search terms also focused in dishes for the great feast. 

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES  (November 21-27, 2015)
1. Sweet potato recipe +195%
2. Brussels sprouts recipes +139%
3. Thanksgiving sides +77%
4. Desserts for Thanksgiving +63%
5. Old-fashioned Thanksgiving recipes +62%
6. Oyster dressing Thanksgiving +40%
7. Easy Thanksgiving desserts +33%
8. Dinner recipes +34%
9. Thanksgiving desserts +33%
10.  Baked mac ‘n cheese recipes +32%

Are you thinking about Christmas cookies yet?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager


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Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Thanksgiving Approaches

Cold, dark, and wet in your neighborhood? Of course. It’s November. And a perfect night for chicken pot pie. Make that Mom’s chicken pot pie, and the appeal soars. Along with this all-American classic, last week (October 30-November 5, 2015), seasonal favorites such as butternut squash and various turkey dishes also surfaced among recipe searches. Plenty of home cooks are planning ahead. Here’s an overview of last week’s action.
  • Leftover chicken or a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket is perfect inspiration for this comfort food classic: Mom's Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Crust received the largest increase in page views, prints, and recipe box saves last week

Mom's Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Crust (Photo by goodcookin)

  • Mushroom soup lovers knew a good thing when they saw it: Skinny Cream of Mushroom Soup was the last week’s most popular new recipe; the bonus? No cream. 

Skinny Cream of Mushroom Soup (Photo by lutzcat)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Fried turkey anyone? It might have been the first week of November, but Thanksgiving planners were already active last week. While the fastest-growing week-over-week search term driving traffic to the site was best cornbread recipe, almost all the other terms had that delicious Thanksgiving connection: stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving side dishes, easy Thanksgiving recipes, and banana cookie recipe.

The fastest growing internal search terms week over week were butternut squash ravioli, ham and potato casserole, oyster dressing, make-ahead turkey gravy, and fried turkey.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Year-Over-Year Terms

Last week’s (October 31-November 6, 2015) external searches indicated once again that Allrecipes is the go-to site when home cooks seek dinner inspiration. Searches soared for this keyword, most likely because many families were together for the Halloween weekend. With the exception of pumpkin seed recipes, Halloween cookies, and apple crisp, the top external searches all focused on dinner ideas.

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (Internal) SEARCHES  (October 31-November 6, 2015)
1. Dinner ideas +523%
2. Cole slaw dressing recipe +169%
3. Halloween cookies +166%
4. Apple crisp easy +160%
5. Pumpkin seed recipes +130%
6. Beef stroganoff recipes 129%
7. Sweet potato recipe +108%
8. Chicken parm recipe +74%
9. Ramen noodle recipes +74%
10.  Dinner recipes +68%

What is your favorite comfort food dish to make in November?'

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager