Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Zoodles Rock

Have you added zoodles to your dictionary yet? It’s time. Zoodles are the zucchini form of faux-noodles produced using a spiralizer tool. With this relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use gadget, long, curly, spiralized versions of zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes, and even rutabaga, are all the rage in restaurants and home kitchens, replacing wheat-based pasta whether or not you’re a paleo or gluten-free person. Allrecipes home cooks caught the wave last week (August 21 – 27, 2015), giving the “most popular” new recipe title to Zoodles ala Carbonara. Classics such as green bean casserole and apple crisp were also hits, along with seasonal recipes for homemade tomato sauce and—a sure sign fall has arrived—pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Many cooks craved chicken and mushrooms and searched for this dish in several word combinations. Check out the week’s recap to learn more:

Zoodles ala Carbonara (Photo by Buckwheat Queen)

  • It doesn’t have to be November for this favorite to be popular: last week, Grandma's Green Bean Casserole received the largest increase in page views

Grandma's Green Bean Casserole (Photo by mischiefsgirl)

  • Fall is unofficially here! Apple Crisp II had last week’s largest increase in prints 

Apple Crisp II (Photo by jrbaker)

Simple Roasted Chickpea Snack (Photo by Rock_Lobster)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Is dessert even better if it has an ethnic twist? A lot of home cooks thought so, because Italian dessert recipes topped the list of last week’s fastest growing week-over-week search terms. Other fast-growing search terms driving traffic to the site included best homemade tomato sauce, roti recipe, slow cooker beef stew, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

When last week’s internal search terms were reviewed, the fastest growing week-over-week internal search terms were chicken with mushrooms, chicken mushrooms, chicken mushrooms, Greek pasta salad, and chicken and mushrooms.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Year-Over-Year Terms
Dinner and desserts shared the Top 10 list last week (August 21– 27, 2015), as home cooks continued to celebrate summer fruit and look for easy dinner ideas. How do fettucine Alfredo and crockpot chicken sound? Top cherry or peach crisp with homemade ice cream and make it a party! Ethnic favorites such as guacamole and pho added international sparks to the list.

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (Internal) SEARCHES  (August 21-27, 2015)
1. Guacamole recipes +182%
2. Fettuccine Alfredo +146%
3. Crockpot chicken recipes +117%
4. Cherry crisp +113%
5. How to make ice cream +111%
6. Peach crisp with fresh peaches +108%
7. Pound cake from scratch +106%
8. Banana banana bread +102%
9. Onion ring batter +90%
10. Pho recipe +67%

Cherry crisp or peach crisp? Can you choose a favorite?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: DIY Dips and Dressings

Being creative in the kitchen is what it’s all about, even with supporting players such as condiments and dips, where DIY touches can make a recipe memorable and impress family and friends. Last week (August 14 – 20, 2015), cooks were inspired by homemade versions of Ranch dressing and a bacon-cheese dip. Chef John’s new recipe for a summer fresh fig and goat cheese tart also inspired thousands of recipe box saves, while recipes using seasonal zucchini and pears were popular. Main dish recipes starring chicken and Salisbury steak, plus casseroles and slow cookers also ranked high on search lists. Here is the week’s summary:
  • Fresh herbs season Ranch Dressing II, which received the largest increase in page views and prints last week
Ranch Dressing II (Photo by Paula)

World's Best Bacon-Cheese Dip (Photo by Jillian Kuhlmann)

Fresh Fig and Goat Cheese Tart (Photo by The Gruntled Gourmand)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Seasonal ingredients and tried-and-true dinner ideas such as goulash recipes categorized the fastest-growing week-over-week search terms driving traffic to the site—with one exception, exotic, slightly other-worldly poutine. Other fast-growing search terms in this category included zucchini cakes recipes, chicken slow cooker recipes, and pear recipes.

As for the fastest-growing week-over-week internal search terms, it was all about dinner inspiration: anniversary chicken, slow cooker Salisbury steak, tequila lime chicken, and chicken noodle casserole.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Year-Over-Year Terms
Searches to answer the “What’s for dinner?” question were top-of-mind for many home cooks last week (August 14 – 20, 2015). Whether carnivores or vegetarians, whether preparing a casserole, meatloaf, pork chops, or zucchini patties, main dishes were the main attraction. As mentioned, poutine made the list as the week’s outlier dish.

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (Internal) SEARCHES  (August 14-20, 2015)
1. Anniversary chicken +1,149%
2. Quinoa and black beans +411%
3. Zucchini patties +313%
4. Chicken noodle casserole +238%
5. Pork butt +184%
6. Oven fried pork chops +172%
7. Chicken scampi +142%
8. Brown sugar meatloaf +136%
9. Poutine +133%
10. Salisbury steak +133%

Have you made poutine?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager

Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Porcupines in the Kitchen

Getting dinner on the table fast is a family goal. When a recipe comes along that combines “easy” with “make-ahead” virtues, it’s a winner. Last week’s (August 7 – 13, 2015) recipe hit had all that with ground beef and tomato-y flavors, plus a whimsical name: porcupines. Home cooks also liked breakfast-leaning recipes for waffles, a hash brown casserole, and a Denver omelet. Seasonal searches included fruit favorites such as blueberry and peach cobbler variations, plus fresh tomato salsa. Here’s the week’s recap:
  • Last week, a meaty mixture of ground beef, white rice and spaghetti sauce rolled into meatballs and called Porcupines, received the largest increase in page views and prints
Porcupines (Photo by Traci-in-Cali)

  • Breakfast aficionados saw what they liked and gave Baked Denver Omelet the largest week-over-week increase in Recipe Box saves 

Baked Denver Omelet (Photo by SunnyDaysNora)

  • Two favorites in one appealed to fans of “Can’t-have-too-many-waffle-variations," who added one more recipe to their stash, and gave Michele's Cinnamon Roll Waffles status as “most popular new recipe” 

Michele's Cinnamon Roll Waffles (Photo by Chef  V)

Last Week’s Top Search Terms
Among search terms driving traffic to the site last week, the fastest growing search term was blueberry cobbler recipes. Other fast-growing search terms in this category included peach cobbler dump cake, cheesy hash brown casserole, salsa recipe fresh tomatoes, and tuna noodle casserole.

Internal search terms with the most week-over-week movement were all about dinner: chicken scampi, quinoa and black beans, chicken in basil cream, and fresh tomato soup, and brown sugar meatloaf.

Top 10 Year-Over-Year Fastest Moving Key Words
Are all the recent avocado specials in supermarkets inspiring guacamole recipe searches? Could be, since this term stands out as last week’s (August 7 – 13, 2015) top keyword compared with a year ago. The summer blueberry and peach crops are also getting attention from home cooks with blueberry pie, blueberry cobbler and peach cobbler on the Top 10 keyword list. Some cooks are also turning on their ovens for baked potatoes, stuffed peppers and cornbread.

FASTEST-GROWING Year Over Year KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES  (August 7-13, 2015)
1. Guacamole recipes +274%
2. Blueberry cobbler recipes +230%
3. Best blueberry pie +138%
4. Baked potatoes in oven +116%
5. Cornbread recipes +84%
6. Stuffed pepper recipe +70%
7. How to make ice cream +67%
8. Pulled pork slow cooker recipe +61%
9. Cheesy hash brown casserole +60%
10. Southern peach cobbler +56%

How do blueberry pie and homemade ice cream sound as a summer treat?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager