Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Sugar Cookie Season

Nothing says “holiday” faster than homemade sugar cookies. This means the holiday season officially started last week (11/7 to 11/13/2014) when the recipe for Easy Sugar Cookies had the largest increase in page view and prints. If 4,0001 reviews and 339 photos by Allrecipes’ home cooks are any indication, this recipe is a hands-down winner! Holiday entertaining and baking also influenced both internal and external searches. Thanksgiving hosts looked for appetizer ideas, turkey in a bag, festive salads, and punch recipes. And who doesn’t want to open a tin of peppermint bark in December? Here’s the week’s recap:
  • Easy Sugar Cookies received the largest increase in page views last week, as well as had the largest increase in prints

Easy Sugar Cookies (Photo by Katie Buff)

The Best Stuffed Mushrooms (Photo by SunnyByrd)

Scrumptious Salmon Cakes Recipe
Scrumptious Salmon Cakes (Photo by lutzflcat)

The Week’s Top Search Terms
In keeping with the start of the holiday season, the fastest-growing search term driving traffic to the site last week was best pie crust recipe. Other fast growing search terms driving traffic to the site included peppermint bark, cauliflower, turkey in a bag, and Watergate salad.

Low traffic and unique searches made up the majority of internal search terms. After these, the next top internal searches included cream pie, cranberry jello salad, holiday punch, and holiday cookies.

Top 10 Year-Over-Year Fastest Moving Key Words
Paleo people mingled with Thanksgiving cooks based on a comparison of last week’s (11/7 to 11/13/2014) year-over-year external searches. Stuffing—specifically crockpot stuffing—and sweet potatoes made the top 10 search term list, as did perennial favorites such as chicken enchiladas, hamburger casserole, deviled eggs, and chicken thighs.  

FASTEST GROWING KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES – 7-13 November, 2014
1. Stuffed bell peppers recipe +511%
2. Breakfast ideas +287%
3. Paleo recipes +275%
4. Chicken enchiladas recipe +221%
5. Crockpot stuffing recipe +171%
6. Sweet potato Thanksgiving +164%
7. Hamburger casserole recipes +154%
8. Deviled egg recipes +145%
9. Baked chicken thighs +130%
10. Shrimp scampi recipe +126%

What is your favorite homemade holiday cookies?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager

Friday, November 14, 2014

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Time to Get Out the Slow Cooker

Slow cookers were on kitchen counters everywhere last week (10/31 to 11/06/2014), if they ever left. Always a busy cook’s best friend, both the top new recipe and the most viewed and printed recipe were slow cooker recipes. As the weather chilled, soup rose in popularity. Home cooks planning their Thanksgiving dinners were also active, searching for recipes related to the big feast. The week’s most unusual recipe search? Dill Pickle Soup.  (The home cook who contributed the recipe insists it’s really good.) Here’s the week’s overview:
  • Slow Cooker Beef Stew I received the largest increase in page views last week, and also saw the largest increase in prints

Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Photo by Dianne)

  • Always a winner, chicken starred in Cheddar Baked Chicken, the recipe with the largest week over week increase in Recipe Box saves

Cheddar Baked Chicken (Photo by Dot7660)

  • The week’s #1 new recipe certainly combines everyone’s favorite ingredients: Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup (Be a star! Be first to post a photo of this sweet and spicy soup.) 

The Week’s Top Search Terms
Few dishes beat soup as comfort food when temperatures dip, and few soups beat chicken noodle, especially when it’s made from scratch. No surprise then that last week (10/31 to 11/06/2014), chicken noodle soup from scratch was the fastest-growing search term driving traffic to the site. Other fast-growing search terms driving traffic to the site included pork carnitas, dressing recipes, turkey recipes for Thanksgiving, and our domain name

Last week’s fastest growing internal search terms included the oddball recipe for dill pickle soup, plus smothered chicken, fried turkey, and oven-fried Parmesan chicken.

Top 10 Year-Over-Year Fastest Moving Key Words
Reviewing last week’s (November 1-7, 2014) fastest growing key words on a year-over-year basis, it’s evident seasonal recipes play a strong role in home cooks’ searches this time of year. Apple pie, caramel apples and crockpot recipes all made the Top 10 list. Searches for the trendy Paleo diet stand out as the #1 fastest-growing term, and breakfast as #2. And how about Dill Pickle Soup?!

FASTEST GROWING KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES – 1 – 7 November, 2014
1. Paleo recipes +457%
2. Breakfast ideas +321%
3. Crockpot chicken recipes +305%
4. Stuffed bell peppers recipe +304%
5. Chicken enchiladas recipe +284%
6. Easy chili with ground beef +278%
7. Caramel apples recipe +234%
8. Shrimp scampi recipe +187%
9. Apple pie with fresh apples +180%
10. Dill pickle soup +167%

Are you brave enough to make Dill Pickle Soup?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager

Monday, November 10, 2014

Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report: November 2014 - Thanksgiving Trends

Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Kitchen Insights: Day of the Dead and More

For a second week, Halloween inspired a lot of pumpkin seeds roasting last week, while the Day of the Dead on November 1st-2nd inspired many home cooks to make Pan de Muertos, a traditional Mexican bread. As the seasons changed, others searched for hearty pork chop, beef medallions, and black bean soup recipes. Seeking something to match these meals and the autumn holidays, apple cider was the most popular beverage search. Here’s the week’s recap:

Pande Muertos (Mexican Bread of the Dead) (Photo by Allanita)

  • Grinning (empty) jack-o-lanterns inspired everyone to search for recipes for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, giving this recipe the week’s largest increase in page views

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Photo by Rock_lobster)

Beef Medallions with Caramelized Pan Sauce (Photo by Lambiepants)

  • Chicken always attracts Allrecipes home cooks, who made Brown Diner Fried Chicken the week’s top new recipe. (Hey! It needs a photo or three! Want to add one?)

The Week’s Top Search Terms
Seasonal influences also showed up in the week’s top search terms. -The fastest growing week over week search term driving traffic to the site last week was black bean soup recipes. Other fast growing search terms driving traffic to the site included pan de muerto recipe, day of the dead bread, pan de muerto, and apple cider.

A review of last week’s fastest-growing internal search terms included mushroom pork chops, Halloween dinner, pumpkin seeds, and pumkin seeds. (Creative spelling on that last one!)

Top 10 Year-Over-Year Fastest Moving Key Words
Comparing the fastest growing key words on a year-over-year basis, the mix reflects both seasonal favorites plus easy dinner ideas. Apple pie—with fresh apples, please—crock pot recipes, and Halloween recipes bear witness to the season, while stuffed bell peppers, sautéed mushrooms, and frittata recipes indicate popular dinner favorites. Breakfast searches testify to increasing interest in this meal. Some ambitious cooks were inspired to make angel food cake.  

FASTEST GROWING KEYWORD (External) SEARCHES – 25 October – 31 October, 2014

1. Apple pie with fresh apples +595%
2. Chicken enchiladas recipe +350%
3. Breakfast ideas +312%
4. Taco seasoning mix recipe +257%
5. Crock pot recipes +244%
6. Stuffed bell peppers recipe +237%
7. Sautéed mushrooms +222%
8. Frittata recipes +208%
9. Angel food cake recipe +192%
10. Halloween recipes +187%

Have you tried making Pande Muertos?

-- Posted by Judith H. Dern, Senior Communications Manager